Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 a.m. - 12 1 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: cleaning up this month's order spreadsheet so I can see how much money we have left for the next two months.

  • [phone] The School of Essential Ingredients [we have it, so I put it on the holdshelf for her]
  • Autobiography of Mark Twain, "if there is one" [he is amused that Vol. 1 just came out last year]
  • [phone] How to reserve the whole second season of The Good Wife rather than just one or two discs at a time [I walk her through it]
  • Scratch paper and pencil
  • I find it really amusing that some of our regular patrons only like to use certain computers, and will wait till a favorite comes up before they log on....
  • People of the Longhouse [we don't own, and he's going to check at another library (in a different system) to see if they have it--I could do it, but he's already headed toward the door)]
  • How to get online...she's got a card so it's easy
  • [phone] Health insurance ratings, i.e. Best's or S&P [no longer get, too expensive] ; he's calling his broker to ask if they have them
  • Where are the templates for resumes in Word [I show him]
  • Scratch paper and pencil
  • IRS Publication 17 [I go get some out of our stash and restock]
  • More time online
  • This week's local paper
  • Printer needs paper
  • WSJ
  • Ah...the schedule changed after I looked at it this morning! Thanks for letting me know, peeps [I blow up at the scheduling person]
  • How to spell "maintenance" [resume template guy]
  • Calling the cops because a patron's iPod has gone missing [he asked me to do so]
  • Help with an attachment on an email
  • The cop arrives
  • Other words for "operator" [resume template guy]
  • Pay to print
  • More time [resume template guy]
  • Extension form (4868) [attachment woman]
  • I catch one of the cops to tell him we have video cameras; and call the director to deal with it, because that's her thing
  • How to get online
  • Pay to print
  • iPod has been the guy's pocket [dumbass]
  • Now the homeless guys are pissed because the cops were 'manhandling' them...uh, no, though I get your point that the guys a dumbass, but he did apologize at least
  • Director lets me know that the scheduling person came and whined at her (my words), and that they're doing the best they can when people call in I feel guilty/ier
  • Fax
  • Am starrrrvvvvvvvving

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  1. You don't need to feel guilty there - "the best they can" should have involved informing everyone who was affected. Everyone. And the director needs to stop making excuses for this pathetic system.

    They're NOT doing the best they can.


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