Saturday, February 04, 2012

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ; 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:  death dates in our catalog...and I get bogged down in all the Liu names...ack.

9:00 in the children's room
  • One of the computers starts the day with a "low battery" note, which I pass along to IT and override
  • 9:15 and the first people other than staff walk in the room...
  • "Do you have any Polar Express books?" [adorable little guy...yes we have the book, on the shelf, even!] ; [about 10 minutes later] "Do you have any Clifford books?" [oh, yeah, dozens! I love when I can actually FIND and hand over the "key to the kingdom"]
  • Another adorable, smaller boy comes in a spots a wallet by the Clifford books...fortunately, Adorable Boy #1 is still here
  • "Do you have this book?" [he points to the back of the Clifford book he just finished--yes, yes we do!] "My mom won't let me check out 5 books..." :-)
  • Random wanderers pass by all saying, or muttering "Hi" to me; friendly place today
  • [My only issue with this little guy, and the rest of his family, is that they don't pick their feet up: scump scump scump in their boots....]
11:00 *
  • [I check the tax forms--apparently the state sent us a box of last year's instruction booklets...nimrods--they are all ok now I think]
  • Someone looking like she's been sobbing all morning arrives for tax booklets
  • Books on U.S. Grant [the number I snag from the catalog is wrong-- 973.92 should be 973.82-- but we find some for his mother-in-law
  • SAM use [we get her online eventually]
  • Quilting mysteries [who knew there were at least four of these things around? The patron is delighted] ; also Call Me Princess [we don't own, so I do a request order for it, and reserve it elsewhere for her]
  • Restrooms
  • Hey! Just found a sign saying there's a DAR meeting going on--explains why is getting hammered today!
  • OMG the sweetest older couple just stopped in front of me: he put his arm out and she took it as if they have been doing that for decades, which they probably have....
  • Help with Learning to Use the Computer. She's REALLY not ready for this, and the book she's using wants her to start with the Start Bar, which we have totally disabled, and she "doesn't want to start in the middle of the book" with Word, so...fine. Go to the Community College and try your luck there. [Her computer is 'just basic' and doesn't have Windows...really? Not so basic then, eh? I've no patience for newbs today...]
  • Fax
12 :00
  • Rosetta Stone [oh yeah, we gots 'em, they are always on hold or MIA...he'll wait he says...oookaaayyy]
  • Rachel's Tears [surprisingly, since the program based on her family's foundation (whatever) was just at one of the local schools, the book is here)
  • Guest pass
  • AWESOME! Someone is muttering VERY irritatedly at the copier out of sight behind me...and wadding up paper
  • "My card expired....?" [yup, go get a new one up front and you should be all set]
  • MORE muttering and wadding behind me; I'm afraid to go offer help....
  • I go collect orphan books instead
  • River of Doubt [he really doesn't want me to find it for him, so I show him where to look...]
  • Nora Roberts' Sisterhood series listing [I print it from Novelist]
  • Today's WSJ
  • Tax forms
  • OMG REALLY? People are Skyping {smh}
  • Drinking fountain
  • Leadership (658.4) but since he's also carried a Chilton's around, I show him Auto Repair Resource center on our webpage
  • "#14 seems to be dead" [I go re-animate it]
  • And we have a woman with too-long nails on a computer--clicky clicky clicky....
  • Two restaurants I've never heard of, though I eventually remember where [More-Than-One] Tails is
  • How to get IE8 to work on my computer...every since I uploaded it it won't load [uh....sorry no dice]
The whole time I was at Reference, the woman using the database computer next to the desk turned and glared at me whenever I was...I dunno...talking too loud? Being too familar with people I knew? I've never seen her but I sure got glared at a lot today.

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