Monday, May 21, 2012

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:  updating this blog with yesterday's input. And catching up on Autocat posts...a good 50% of which are about regional names for gardening tools. Catalogers = weird!

  • Pay to print 
  • Sessions disabled in SAM [I reboot him, only noticing after he walks away that he'd been reprimanded earlier today for looking at porn]
  • Uhm. An Army staff-sergeant just walked in, in uniform. With a suitcase no, sorry, computer bag on wheels. Not a very usual occurrence here.
  • And the Mormons are here too. This is a more usual occurrence.
  • "Recycle?" [yeah, out of sight of the public, too]
  • Pay to print [with what I call "jingly dollars"--why don't more people use these??]
  • [phone] "Rural patrons--how many holds can they place?" [five on their own--we can override that though]
  • Extend my time online [sure]
  • [phone] Heaven is for Real in large print [reserved for her--our copy isn't here yet]
  • I just realize that one of the public computers has the Windows 7 login page up. WTH?
  • No longer need 'compatability view' for her bank's website, but she doesn't believe me till she tries logging in....
  • Pay to print

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