Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: cleanup of badly-coded items in collection...*

3:00{covering for Librarian J, on vacation, a.k.a. shooting herself in the foot professionally}
  • Looks like I will be assisting someone with their FAFSA this hour...yay (ugh)
  • * I check for two things that popped up at the beginning of the list: one is a book on Degas with slides in the front (published 1971); the other is a book with a box containing two audiocassettes taped, massively, to the cover on ham radio users (published 1989)--think we can probably get rid of both, no? I found those two gems within the first 8 of an 8-page list
  • Pay to print
  • FAFSA dude hasn't yet started FAFSA--"how long...?" [you get an hour, but we'll renew that time if it isn't too busy]; and "how do I start a new email?" [oh dear lord...FAFSA's gonna eat your brain!]
  • Librarian B brings back a book from the 200s that someone just brought back: mend or pitch?? [my section to keep track of....a 1959 book on "spiritual healing"?  Nope, buh-bye, especially with a split binding]
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space DVD [omg--GREAT title, but we don't own it...too bad (not)]
  • Also, want ads
  • "It won't let me log out!" [actually it never logged him in--the last person hacked SAM and left the computer open for anyone to use...grrr--note to IT guy]
  • Want ads back, local paper? [don't have this week's yet?]
  • Help with email, again: FAFSA dude [URL is not email addy, dude]
  • [phone] Phone number for Big City bus station, and "is that more on the north side or the south side?" [?? south-ish]

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