Wednesday, May 09, 2012

4- 5 p.m.

I am here this afternoon trying to catch up on stuff I've missed this week due to a confluence of family issues. I'm wearing a church-related grubby T-shirt, crappy shoes, and I haven't combed my hair since sweating at noon.

My boss thinks it is fine for me to be at Reference like this, instead of her doing her hour at the desk to cover for the mess she made of Librarian J's annual review. I tried to tell her I didn't think that my outfit was appropriate...and she said, essentially, "You weren't going to get that much cataloging done in an hour anyway."

Actually, yes, I could've.

If she hadn't stood there talking to me for 15 minutes before she dropped this bombshell.

And thus starts the file that I will eventually be taking to HR.

  • Our regular after-school guy asks about a book--we don't have it, he doesn't have a card, so I can't get it for him from one of the libraries that does
  • [...I think there was some other stuff in here, but I was stewing and don't remember...] 
  • Need more fax cover sheets
  • Warned that "Someone Has Hacked My Email" dude is here
  • Hacked guy asks for synonyms for "problem people" (in resume speak)--he jumps on a guy who happens to walk in wearing a security guard uniform and asks him for help [I had suggested unruly customers, and stuff like that but what would I know about this anyway--I'm just a librarian (clearly written all over his stupid face)]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Talk to security-guard dude and thank him for helping Hacked guy
  • Another of our regulars wanders around looking for a specific computer to be free before he takes one of the three empty ones across from the Ref desk
  • Hacked dude needs help with layout of resume 
  • Gossip
  • 8th-grade project/presentations start tomorrow: one very nervous girl here prepping her handouts [I tell her to stay calm, practice tonight in front of a mirror, and she'll be just fine]
  • "Brain fart--how do you spell 'Doug'?" [hacked dude]


  1. re: the highlighted section--we really need to have a private conversation about this. Preferably one accompanied by a quantity of adult liquid refreshments. I have things to share from my end, too. :O

    1. I have to tell you that if I come home again to what I came home to today, I'll be on your doorstep inside of an hour. This week has been unreal.


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