Sunday, May 20, 2012

1 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: cleanup of coding (lots of CDs entered as DVDs, etc.). Keep in mind there are two reference people here on Sundays, so essentially double this for the actual traffic.

  • Fax to employment office [got through in "only" four tries!]
  • New card, how to use the internet, plus a little coaching
  • Pay to print
  • Pen [nothing but red ink at the desk...ooh, wait, there is a hideously ugly one with blue ink!] ; how much does this weigh to mail? [I got try to figure out the scale....either 0.5 or 0.89 oz. -- stupid scale!] ; tape to seal it
  • Pencil

  • Expired card [renewed till tomorrow, with note so people know why the record doesn't match the actual card anymore]
  • Water fountain: "it's HOT outside!!" [yep, up by the restrooms]
  • Grimm, the TV show, on DVD [uhm, the first season just ended --are you SERIOUS??) ; well, how about a book based on it [really? for real? shoo...]

  • Found reserve/request for Greek large print Bible--spend time trying to find one, to no avail [no surprise] though I find a few New Testaments though not in very large print...I will have to call patron and find out what they really want....
  • Lost Boy (Pelzer) and a GED book [got 'em both]
  • "Where does my printed stuff come out? It occurs to me I never logged in to SAM..." [AGAIN with this, twice in a week?  Grrr...fortunately he can use a different computer because he saved the doc on a flash drive]

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