Friday, May 04, 2012

2 - 3 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: author cleanup stuff.

2:00 [covering for Librarian J who had a meltdown after her review]
  • Pay to print [with a $20 so I have to go make change at circ for his dollar's worth of printing]
  • Staff member asks about a movie [only on VHS elsewhere in the thanks]
  • Phone number lookup
  • Emailed book request [no one owns, pub. date 10/11, so I suggest we buy]
  • Pay to print [a dime...feast or famine today]
  • Guy can't figure out how to turn his cell phone off speaker--he's 45 yards away in the reading room and I can here the other person talking
  • The kid with no school supplies needs a pencil with eraser today [which doesn't exist at the desk]
  • Wireless access questions  [I think it's the husband of a colleague of mine at another library]
  • Huh: one of the internet stations is booted to a Windows login--I go shut it down and restart it
  • ...and find a pencil with an eraser sitting next to the keyboard there, now that the kid is nowhere to be found...
  • Reset patron's of our nice regulars
  • "My granddaughter supposubly [aaaaaaarghhhhhhh my ears!!] has a picture on display....?" [art show starts next week]
  • Drunk dude...Paul McCartney...blah blah blah

4:00 in the kids' room
  • Bathroom key
  • Key returned
  • Look up ID...well, it's my sister's card...[aha!! No, no, and no, and no, and no]...I have my backpack with homework [oh, hell, ok--I look it up for her]
  • Look up ID [he goes and gets his dad, who has his license so I look his up, and his number has changed, but we finally get that all sorted...and he puts a dollar on his card in case the kid needs to print]
  • Books on Pokemon, but not the graphic novels [I do find some easy books, but he doesn't want those, and the game books are out]; how about books on Godzilla?  [I find two: HURRAH!!]
  • [phone] "Can I donate books?" [sure!]

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