Monday, January 07, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: review journals

  • One of our regulars, as he's snagging some scratch paper: "What's the word today, girl?" [I got nothing, and say so, and he tells me that's a good way of keeping my ass out of trouble, to which I reply that my momma done taught me that same thing] 
  • Pay to print
  • Guest pass (has overdues on out-of-city card and she's waiting for the next Free Fines day in her town
  • List from The Wife--I find two on the shelf for her--and Theodore and Woodrow is just about processed so I ask if it could be finished soon, and then report that it should be done in 10-15 minutes [and this is why I love smallish libraries, in a nutshell!]
  • [circ] Did I pick up the distance book drop over the weekend? UGGGGHHH, forgot to write it in--haven't done that in awhile!!
  • Do we fax? [yes we do] Can you take the money off my card? [yes I can] ; Do you have a stapler? [yes, I do]
  • How to get a PIN [you make it up]
  • [phone] Are tax forms in? [nope....sigh]
  • Golf pencil has no lead [surprise...not]

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