Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday after a long (vacation) weekend

What I'm doing between questions: catching up on what I missed while I was gone (i.e. email).

12:00 in the kids' room
  • Cleaning guy needs to tell me about the stuck-on gum. Yay.
  • Bathroom key x2 [same kid]
  • "Can people really not see the GIANT SIGNS outside about not smoking on library property?" [yeah, no--clearly we serve illiterates as well as readers and I go remind people to keep their butts off our sidewalk]
  • Non-English speaker is looking for "The Exorcist" (which is really hard to say properly without a solid knowledge of English and with a Spanish accent)...surprisingly we do own it [I hope she isn't planning to watch it with her toddler later...]
  • Storytime folks start arriving
  • "Can you tell me what age this group is for? I'm not sure I signed up for the right age" [2-3, and yes, she's at the right one]

1:00 in the kids' room
  • Bathroom key
  • [phone] Librarian J looking for Librarian K who was supposed to be at Ref at 1
  • [phone] Librarian from nearby elementary school asking about new director, and would like to talk to him [I transfer the call]
  • Young teen boy walks by wearing a fedora...really
  • Actually, he's closer to 11 [he just walked back in]
  • Groundhog Day books [guess what the storytime was all about today...] x 2
  • Fishtank cleaner arrives just as the last couple kids are leaving the storytime room
  • Crying baby and mom looking for First Library Card picture [I try the calm-the-baby techniques I know but she's really ready to crash and fighting it]

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