Thursday, January 31, 2013


What I'm doing between questions:

  • Circ person brings me a note about ordering a book on CD for a patron...? [well, I can try, but there aren't too many copies of this one available...I call and leave a message]
  • Daily guest pass for internet
  • Fax
  • Yesterday's papers? [and on the way back from finding them, I walk past an intense discussion between two homeless guys...and give them a 'settle it down' look, which they interpret correctly]
  • How to access the internet
  • Books by Malcolm Cowley [we end up having the one he wants in large print, which is just fine with him]

  • Long-term guest pass for internet
  • Guest pass guy (the first one) checks with me before leaving [yes, you can do--no need to check in]
  • Historical weather data: last Tuesday's high temp in San Diego compared to ours [yay NOAA]
  • How to download books onto her Kindle (which she didn't bring) [brochure to take home]; and how to paint with acrylics
  • Look up guess pass number (and renew it)
  • Well, I screwed up the ILL sequence for that book on CD request...

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