Thursday, January 03, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: the ever-popular Death Dates list...

12:00 in the kids' room
  • Help custodial guy move the craft-room table back (he just mopped)
  • Amelia Bedelia books
  • Bathroom key, and a "warning" that she'll be back to ask questions because she doesn't know how to find stuff without the cards (i.e. card catalog)
  • Duct tape crafts
  • Card catalog woman is actually not looking for kids' stuff, so I send her to the Adult Reference Desk (and call to warn Librarian J that's she's got a dinosaur on her hands)
  • I do really adore watching new-walking kids...thump thump thump go the feet, with the butt sticking straight out and the top half of the body waving all over like a gyroscope to keep balanced
  • Good series books for a 12-year-old (with dragons) [Oh how I love booklists!!]

  • Borrow a highlighter? [we actually have one in the drawer!]
  • Scratch paper
  • Help with photocopier
  • [phone] Walking Dead Season 1 [thought we owned it, but we don't--nevermind, she 'needs' it tonight]
  • Look up pin for internet access
  • [phone] My Brother Sam Is Dead [checked out, the ebook too...guess what: it's an assignment!]
  • Pay to print
  • Books 3 & 4 of the Kauffman Amish bakery series [we don't own them, so I place them on order from the libraries that do] ; also, did anyone turn in a silver flash drive in the past couple of weeks? [no, but I've got black, orange and blue in the box--at least they are all dated now]
  • Where are the current magazines? [in the reading room]
  • When is the new George R.R. Martin book coming out? [uhm, probably at least 3 years yet]
  • Human anatomy [612]
  • Help with ProQuest
  • Help with printer

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