Monday, January 14, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: trying to look professional in case the New Boss shows up.

  • Patron here for one-on-one help with Librarian B online (seems to be actually a Word doc, but wevs)
  • "But there's no number for this book..." [it's a Western, filed in the fiction section under the authors name; yeah, your 4th grade teacher was wrong--not every book has a number]
  • Last weekend's WSJ not on shelf...? [possibly checked out--he didn't know that was allowed] ; and Consumer Reports
  • [phone] Into the Fire [on the shelf, now on hold for patron]
  • Pay to print ["did you get taller?" just wearing high heels today "hot date?" no, impressing the boss]
  • Custodial guy goes by and stops to chat (of course)
  • Reset time
  • Tax forms [he was just back here really, that's all we have so far]
  • Librarian B is finally done with patron who is beyond grateful
  • Nope, no tax forms for you either
  • SAM says she's still online, but she's not, although someone took her seat while she was in the bathroom [no, he's using his odd; I log her off 'officially']

  • Card doesn't work to log on [it's expired]
  • Pay to print
  • Computer froze [hmmm--I have to restart it, and then he has to be logged out here and he finds a different computer]
  • Pay to print
  • Still no tax forms [lengthy far-reaching discussion ensues; this is the siphon question dude from a few weeks ago]
  • Help with W-4 form
  • Value Line inserts swapped...oops [siphon patron again]
  • Quiet, non-English-speaking girl asks about making her "a cart library here" [I send her up front where they make library cards]
  • "Hello! How are you today dear?" [from the same middle-aged former homeless, formerly-always-drunk guy who asks me that every day I'm here when he comes in. It's really hard to not cheer up when he asks; he's always so perky as he borrows a pencil]
  • Wow, nice dreads. Seriously, nice.
  • Expired patron has been online for half an hour, but now comes over to ask why she has to give out her credit card [I show her how to use Win-Way and she starts over with creating her resume for free]
  • Not-proficient-English patron is back [looking for ?someone? and she wanders off when the phone rings]
  • [phone] Dexter Season 1 [checked out, so I place a hold for her]
  • [phone] Same person also would like Homeland Season 1 [we've ordered it to purchase, but it isn't here yet; I put her on the list]
  • Pay to print

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