Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: watching the snow float down outside...and checking subject headings.

1:00 in the children's room
  • Before I even sit down, I go back to my desk and get my warmest wrap--it's cold in here today!
  • Confession being good for the soul, I will say that I spent the first 25 minutes of my hour on the phone with my (out of town) spouse and cruising Facebook. The first people walked into the room with me at 20 after the hour. There are now two people here, both adults, on the internet ; it's 1:48
  • Cleaning dude needs bathroom keys
  • ...and he brings me about 5 books that were stacked on the top of the shelving in the children's religion section : four five about myths, one kids' devotional 
  • Pay to print

2:00 in the children's room
  • Books about tractors and monster trucks for a toddler [he just wants pics, so dad asks where the older kids' books are; same number, 629, everywhere in the building]
  • Bathroom keys are back
  • And it's now been 30 minutes precisely since my last interaction
  • Bathroom key
  • [phone] Werewolf wants to renew book, but it's not due till 2/2, so I suggest she call next week sometime so she'll get way more time...
  • So, there are three early elementary boys in here, playing in the play area. One mom is sitting in that area with them, completely oblivious to their goings on; another mom (of one of the boys) just stormed in and shushed them [they're not being bad, but they are throwing shit everywhere and now are moving furniture all over]. Mom #1: still oblivious. ... Hey, she just got up and started picking up stuff from the floor. Or maybe she's stacking up her kid's books.  The kids are cleaning up. Hallelujah!! I'm so outta here in 3 minutes!

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