Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What I'm doing between questions:

  • I'm warned by Librarian K who's been here since 9, that it's been non-stop
  • Dude comes and takes away the whole job folder [I keep an eye on him so I know where it's disappeared to]
  • "Do you have a cgweur I can use?" [a wha? Oh, "calendar"--yup] "I'll bring it right back" [he's online--clearly he doesn't realize he can pull a calendar up on the internet--old skool]
  • How to get into the header portion of the paper she's written
  • Calendar is back
  • How to navigate the [state] tax site [hmm, could they make it more complicated...?]
  • ...and how to print from it [success!!]
  • New Director strolls by, rather startling me [the former boss was hard to miss: high heels and hyper-quick movement--new one is calmer and quieter...(no commentary)]
  • So at the four computers I can see from here that are currently in use, I can see Farmville planting being done, a foreign-language video being viewed (with headphones--and no, I canNOT hear it), another guy bopping between Facebook, Yahoo, and other windows he's got going, and the local paper being read online. I can also hear another guy--admittedly, nearer to me--listening to loud
  • Pay to print (with some weirdness...complicated)
  • Ethernet cable

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