Sunday, January 06, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: ha ha ha, on a SUNday?? And it being a Sunday, I'm not promising I'll get every interaction posted.

  • [email] Peanuts 1955-1956 (book) and a DVD about Baltimore's Memorial Stadium [I place ILL for first one, and find the second in WorldCat, but all copies are out of state, so I'm going to hold off on ILLing it till  I doublecheck with the ILL person]
  • Forgot my card #
  • How to use Powerpoint, and help with it [I explain how to get onto the computers with PowerPoint on them, but don't hold out hope for extensive help with the program since I've used it, like, ten times total]
  • LOTS of parents here to see their kidlets' artwork since it's going away tomorrow (yeah, thanks for waiting till the LAST DAY)
  • Two people needing help getting ebooks [and I spend over an hour with them, total]
  • PowerPoint woman is back needing help; I go get someone else on staff who knows what she's doing
  • I spent the next two hours helping a Nook user and a new iPad-mini user setting up to download e-material, interspersed with short questions like putting money on SAM accounts etc. Thank God there are two librarians here on Sundays now!
  • The PowerPoint woman and son didn't save their stuff before the computers all shut off, so after three straight hours of all disappeared... :(

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