Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday (Day One of 8 Straight)

What I'm doing between questions: death dates list, 

9:00 in the children's room
  • Finally take the time to look at all the school district art that's displayed in here; as usual, some really fun stuff
  • At 9:30 I hear a quiet cough from one of the out-of-sight computer did she get in here? I thought I was alone!
  • At 9:43 a mom and her teenaged son walk in to use the computers
  • At 9:49 a mom and her preschooler walk in to use the computers

10:00 in the children's room
  • More kids and parents come in; holy cats, it's practically busy! ...zzzz
  • Bathroom key
  • returned, and I find the last Clorox wipe in the building and thoroughly wipe down the wooden fobs and chains and keys having just read this morning about the spike in flu cases in the county [yes, I did get a flu shot, but apparently the number of people who did this year is way down]
  • [phone] Librarian B. asking for us to save "a few" copies of the freebie local papers since her daughter's team picture is in it
  • Another new walker stomps by at full speed...sigh
  • Cleaning dude here to clean the bathrooms..and regale me with stories of his life in college...and remind me that the doorstop in one of the bathrooms is on life-support via frequent applications of duct tape. [note to maintenance guy]
  • Keys are back

  • Clean up of counter [yes, Librarian J has been out here for two hours and ignored EVERYTHING that's not right next to the computer she uses--she hasn't even logged on to the other one!]
  • Pay to print --and for some reason the PDF bank statement won't print her name/address, which is clearly on the screen [she finally figures it out]
  • Librarian T comes out from the workroom and twitters around about stuff, unhelpfully mostly
  • I finally get this computer logged on and start dealing with the piles of stuff
  • Pay to print
  • Circ person comes to show me someone's card number before she deletes it; for a former now-passed-away staff member :(
  • [phone] Eat to Lose, Eat to Win [we don't own it, and she can't use books outside our library so I do an order request for it]
  • [phone] The Round House by Erdrich [on hold, so I add her name to the list, and also update her phone number and email info]
  • Help with printing, then pay to print [this is the werewolf, on her second round of printing today] ; also a book on Richard the Lion-Hearted
  • Forgot password
  • Help with connecting Nook to wifi with no success [weird--it won't access the net even though it shows it's connected]
  • Books on exercise, stretching
  • Can't log off SAM [I click around and eventually it closes--no idea what I did]
  • "No, I'm fine, just needed a flat surface for a second..." [lol]
  • "Why is the mouse zooming around? Someone has reset the speed" [uhm, no....and he argues with me, but it's the same speed as the one on this computer and the one at home and the one at my desk...though it is a newer, differently-shaped mouse--regardless, I can't reset the mouse speed as that's all locked out except for the IT guys]
  • Downloading to Kindle [ah, but this particular title (The Fountainhead) has to be downloaded to a computer first and then uploaded, first time I've seen that with a Kindle! She is coming back tomorrow with her husband and the Kindle and iPads for hands-on help]
  • Classifieds
  • Look up password for internet
  • "Check these out at the front desk?" [yeah, and dude: stripes on top with plaid on the bottom is a Very Bad Thing, no matter how stoned you were when you got dressed]
  • "It says I can't....see the librarian" [lol] [well, she owes over the max fine so she can't log in]
  • Pay for printing
  • Classifeds are back
  • Fine woman doesn't have enough money to pay down her fine AND print off the book report her kid needs to turn in Monday, so we give her a break and a temporary pass
  • Librarian T is making me CRAZY chatting today [either find some work to do or come out here and do reference so I can do some work!!]
  • Family member IMs me to bring home an eBay book [only one reasonable one is actually here--most everything else is checked out]
  • Renew time [high fines woman--which leads me to believe that she's not JUST printing out her kid's book report...]
  • The school district art show always brings in people who've never stepped foot in the building...makes me sad, and sorta smirky, but mostly sad
  • [phone] Librarian T saying to give myself a hash mark for a reserve [sigh]
  • Headphones

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