Saturday, January 19, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: in the kids' room, I'm reading old RSS feeds, and on those rare quiet moments in the adult area, I'm working on Death Dates.

9:00 in the children's room
  • [phone] I returned some things yesterday but they're still showing on my card [yes, we were down for a couple of hours yesterday; people are checking things in right now, and backdating them; maybe check after about 10 and if things are still showing up that you know you returned, give us a call back]
  • Librarian M's kids are here today while she sorts out the computer issues from yesterday. They are 8 and 6 (holy shit how did that happen?!) and thoroughly entertaining...and bored. Librarian M comes in to see what's up with them just after they log into the internet: "Why can't they read a book!?" ha ha ha
  • "Oh. The dog's coming today. [to be read to] Shoot." [no no no! No shooting dogs--but yeah, we do need permission slips and the room unlocked]
  • Bilingual books: chatter chatter Librarian T
  • [phone] Son calls to say my cell phone is sitting at home charging and offers to bring it in for me
  • "Are these DVDs in English or Spanish?" [probably both, but primarily English -- Spanish-only would be elsewhere, but you can swap the language track on a lot of them...she is really clueless]
  • We have a new blue fish in the tank. Yay. [yawn]

10:00 in the children's room
  • Bad Kitty books [we find 'em]
  • "Do you have any 4th grade books?" [uh..yeah--like what? I find her some Laura books, since she said she liked Little House on the Prairie]
  • "How many books can we check out?" [your choice...which is not really what she wanted to hear] I suggest he read a few of the 'extra' books to the dog, and he agrees which is a win for everyone
  • Do the games work in a laptop? [uh, sure? but they're old and slowish]
  • [phone] Any change in hours this weekend? [nope, we're open the same as usual, including Monday, which surprises him]
  • Book is torn [we're supposed to have another copy, but I can't find it; however we have another, very similar, book, and I promise to get this one fixed for the next time they're here]
  • Books on José Martí for a 7th grader, in Spanish [we don't have, but there are some in the system]
  • Oops, forgot to close the bathroom doors--custodian here to clean them and is buffaloed by the fact that they're unlocked

  • Return local paper
  • Staple
  • Discussion of creating a new bib record with Librarian T [no]
  • Staple-on-the-run
  • Leathercrafting books [which, naturally enough, are called "leatherwork" by LC; had I looked for that, it would have been the other way 'round--and THIS is why I do See references!]
  • Pay to print [werewolf paying with chilly, slightly damp dollar bills...]
  • Wheat Belly [all copies are checked out with holds, so I add her to the list--and her card's expired, so she heads off to remedy that situation
  • Change for a dollar
  • [phone] Catching Fire [all checked out; I place a hold for her after checked to see if the ebook is similarly unavailable (yes); and tell her to bring her new Kindle in and we'll help her get it set up]
  • Vikings [werewolf]
  • Help logging into Yahoo! [dude, if you have a number in your ID, you have to type it in! I get him set up eventually]
  • Circuit Breakers Form [no longer exists] ; FUNNY patron, dealing with her mom: "If the library decides to close on Monday..." [I'll be right over to deal with your mom, I finish ; and I print a bunch of senior service stuff for her]
  • Scissors [C.B. woman tells him not to run with them...OMG lol]

  • Living wills and trusts
  • "Good morning, or afternoon, or whatever the hell it is!" [from the usual guy; we decide on "day": Good day!]
  • Scissors are back
  • Paper and pencil
  • Update expired internet pass
  • "Heroes" season 3 [checked out, now on hold]
  • Have I mentioned that we have a Dee Snyder look-alike here? He's taken, since Christmas, to wearing a long trenchcoat and often a man-skirt. The latter is quite unusual in this area at this point. Oh, yeah, I have: he used to have his long blond hair sprayed red-fading-to-pink. He absolutely is our most interesting patron; also slightly weird--he never speaks to us, just comes in, uses the internet, and leaves....  Why, yes, he did just walk past me in a long man-skirt, and coat and combat boots
  • Two requests left at circ are now on hold for the patrons (1 DVD and 1 book)
  • Pencil
  • Friend stops to chat
  • [phone] "Are the computers working?" [yes, dude who calls the police, they are back; I'm sure he'll be here in the next half hour]
  • Are you somebody [is here, she's happy]
  • Keri Arthur and Elizabeth Estep books [we don't have the series he's looking for, although some of the other titles have also disappeared from the shelves, as in MIA]

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