Tuesday, March 06, 2012

4 - 5 ; 6 - 7 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: looking for dead people in our catalog.

  • "Can I go to da baffroom?" [I actually do say to him, "I don't know; can you?" He doesn't get it, so eventually I have to say, "Do you need the key to the bathroom?" "Ohhh, sorrreeee."--he's a regular and a pest]
  • And, there's a blind grandad in the storytime today, so the head of circ walks him out to where the kids have run off to
  • Very cranky little guy in here with dad and older bro
  • Key returned, and he goes off the pester the storytime staff
  • [phone] Sales call for Librarian M [I transfer him]
  • Remember that Beavis & Butthead laugh? Yeah, that's what we got here now that Pest has been joined by his best friend....sigh...thankfully EVERYone else in here is nice and normal and boring so they both leave. For now
  • [phone] Renew books
  • Pest 2 leaves with his brother, et al., and the original kid has disappeared into the adult area, I hope
  • Pest 1: "Do you have a calculator?" [nope; Librarian C happens to passing and suggests the adult desk: "She won't let me use it"--yeah, we've got your number, kiddo]
  • Free Willy [got it]
  • Bathroom key...and HEY! That's my BRACElet!! [yay--it's been sitting here for a couple of days]
  • "Where's the Young Adult section?" [over there...]
  • "I take tissue?" pointing at Kleenex [sure--she takes 5...]
  • Books on Krakatoa...true ones [yeah, not 21 Balloons, got it, lol]

  • Holy crap! I get slammed by a sweet 12-year-old who wants (let's see if I can remember) Samantha Who? Season 2 [got it], Family Matters Season 2 [checked out], Good Times, anything but Season 1 [don't have it], Secret Life of the American Teenager [actually, she's too young to check it out...], Glee Season 2 Volume 2 [I place a hold], books on drawing [got 'em], books on cooking [got 'em],  The Princess Diaries vols. 3 & 4 [got 'em both], books on Mercury (the planet) [yup] [WHEW]
  • Meanwhile, another cutie wants all the Mother Goose & Grimm books in the system reserved for him; we only have one [done, and I'm rewarded with a GIANT smile]
  • The kid at the nearest internet station is giggling his butt off at some video he's watching; too funny
  • Bathroom key comes back
  • Little boy wants the bathroom key, but Mom says, "You can go in our bathroom, across the street! [hee]
  • "What's going on the story room?" [storytime for Spanish-speakers in a few minutes, she doesn't speak Spanish]
  • Holy cow, there is one really obnoxious one-year-old in here, screaming and running, being chased by his sister, the story-time girl...I eventually figure out who mom is...she's clueless about how annoying her son is
  • Catalog computer
  • Books on soccer [yep]
  • I find one of our puppets on the floor, MILES from where we keep the puppets; wonder where the bag is
  • The 6:30 storyhour starts 
  • Obnoxious kid + family leave, thank God!
  • I ask the catalog computer dad & son if they need help; no, but we eventually end up talking about the Peeps diorama contest next month
  • Bathroom key: "BOY!" he insists (barely speaking English) [they are the same, unisex--wth kid?] and I have to help him unlock it [he's been here since I was out here last time, about 4:20]
  • Mom starts to take her toddlers out to the adult bathrooms then sees me waving a key at her: "There's a bathroom in here??"  [yay!!]
  • [phone] Vi's husband
  • One key back
  • And another mom, from the story room, needs the key
  • Beginner readers, for the Peeps guys [yeppers]
  • Both keys are now back
  • I'm off to clear up the play area, which is dumb since there are kids in there, but off I go...
  • There are two child-bottom-sized wet spots in there...ugh...
  • How to print
  • Ring around the bookstacks: two little girls who are way to cute to get mad at....story time is over, and so's my time in here

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