Monday, March 19, 2012

1 - 3 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: today's assignment is subject headings...I'm only 5 months behind on everything now. ahem

  • Pay to print
  • Guest internet pass
  • Pay to print; and some help printing
  • Books on cleaning
  • Wait! Why is Librarian M here?? [cuz she's been gone a LOT lately, and next week is vacation week for her...]
  • [phone] Island of the Blue Dolphins on CD [we have it even though it is supposed to be In Transit...since 2/18...on the hold shelf for our patron now] ; what about downloading it as an eaudio? [I'll walk her through it when she comes in]
  • "My ID is disabled..." [he logged off the net and then back on quickly...SAM hates that, which is one reason we all hate SAM some days]
  • "Do I need to check in before getting online?" [nope]

  • Pay to print [two different cards] ; and why won't her computer let her enter her card number [Num Lock turned off]
  • Discussion of Compatibility View in Firefox for a bank site [she doesn't seem sure, but really it works fine; and I need to explain this to Librarian T who dealt with this patron earlier and sent her to her bank with questions] ; however, her original question was "Is [Librarian K] here?" which clearly wasn't really her question
  • More time? And more money to print
  • Check out here? [nope]
  • I'm asked to proof the summer reading program publicity...and find a few errors, nothing major
  • Hold punch
  • Delivery for Ms. M.
  • "I tried to delete one hold of my record, and they ALL are gone!!" [sure enough--I replace them and move her up the list on the second Hunger Games book since she says she placed it weeks ago--and then I show her the Very Scary Delete ALL button on the patron record page in the catalog which stealthily hides and trips people up]
  • Pay to print
  • I deliver the envelope to Ms. M. and  return proofed document to Librarian B
  • "I don't want double-space in my Word document..." [I fix it, a little confused by the odd hand gesture he made that he thinks indicates "double spaced"]
  • Banking woman stops to thank me
  • There is a VERY sunburned woman walking around--it looks really painful and I cringe whenever I look at her. March + sunburn = Very Wrong for this climate
  • Wow, the clowns we have coming for the summer program have a very c. 1997 website...YUCK
  • Finance periodicals, and books [there, there, and there...oh, and over there too]
  • [phone] "Who built my house?" and other details about a house right behind the library....[I'm off to genealogy/local history land to see what I can find]

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