Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 - 7:15 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:

6:00 in the kids' room
  • I tidy up the DVDs which are always a mess by this point every day
  • A cute little 5-year-old Harry Potter lookalike walks in with dad (who rather resembles Hagrid, actually), and asks if he can please have a book...OMG, so adorable, his first card...
  • Dad/Hagrid wants to reserve some books, so I show him where the catalog computers are
  • Headphones...and she brings 'em back in like 3 minutes [she's got a black eye which worries me]
  • No storytime tonight--Val's out of town--so it's a little quieter, but there are still a lot of Hispanic families here
  • [phone] Woman wants to know if we have calculators for people to use, specifically a Casio FX-260 [uh, no, we have basic arithmetic calculators, but anything more than that would get stolen...it's for her son]
  • My husband is having ten cat fits (one of my mom's favorite expressions) about hotmail not working today; he can SEE his inbox, but he can't OPEN anything in it; this has been going on for weeks, and he's p.o.'d today and asking ME for help [hah]
  • "I'm tutoring a mom; can we sit in here so her daughter can look for books and read near us?" [of course!] What is unusual about this, in our little city, is not that the student is Hispanic, but that the teacher is African....
  • Bathroom key
  • I got show the tutor where the beginner readers are...picture books are took hard to riffle through to find easy enough words....
  • Junie B. Jones books [I show her]
  • Ugh, some twerp stuck their peach-colored gum on one of the shelf-markers by the easy books...ick ick ick
  • Peeps project has moved to another display case
  • Bathroom key
  • Picture books about cars [there have to be dozens, but I can't find ONE--so I finally raid the easy 629s for her...]
  • Keys returned
  • Bathroom key
  • I spend some time talking with the student's daughter, and she asks about books for her mom to learn English [I show her the Spanish collection]
  • Key returned
  • Finally have a second to wash the gum germs off my hands
  • Solar system in Spanish [got 'em]
  • Why am I still in here? Who's supposed to relieve me??

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