Friday, March 23, 2012

3 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: rejoicing that I got the stupid Standing Orders figured out. Almost. Maybe.

  • [internal call] "You don't have a lost maroon notebook there that someone left?" [that is correct, I do not]
  • CT needs me to make an executive decision about a book that was requested from us that is falling apart; there's another copy in the system so I re-place the hold and put our copy on the cart for withdrawing
  • WSJ [and somehow I say something that reminds him he left his umbrella by the copier]
  • Pay to print (twice, dime at a time)
  • Scratch paper
  • One of our regular has headphones issues...move to another computer? But I'll lose a whole hour of my internet usage today! [what?? no you won't]  ; but the headphones on the next computer aren't working either....I'm so very sick of dealing with headphones.... [I get a new pair, which does work fine so I cut the zip-tie on the old ones, check 'em on the Ref computer and then pitch 'em]
  • Local history [upstairs]
  • Scratch paper
  • Someone finds a (non-maroon) notebook on his computer station, with no identification on it
  • [internal call] Librarian D wants me to count the 4 holds she just did on my tally sheet here...ok then
  • WSJ returns
  • Pay to print (same woman)
  • Godmothers series, Fern Michaels [I write 'em all down for her and she takes off for the Fiction section
  • A mom and 5 kids walk of the girls is reading as she walks... [love it love it love it!]
  • "Is this computer locked?" [well yeah, since that's what the screen says, it is indeed--I point out a vacant one]
  • Scratch paper
  • "Can I put ebooks on my iPod and laptop?" [yep--here's a handout that tells how]
  • Pay to print (same woman)
  • Paper and pencil--and the latter are so sharp he stabs himself repeatedly
  • Ethernet cable returned
  • Scratch paper
  • Someone else sits down at the locked computer and tries to log on

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