Monday, March 12, 2012

12 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: pinching myself to stay awake.

12:00 in the children's room
  • Raining outside, kind of a blergh-y day inside as well
  • It's 12:35 and only staff have spoken to me, in passing
  • A patron who is here every day and never really talks to anyone SPEAKS to me, as in "That was a cold rain just now" [I'm so stunned by him instigating a conversation that I'm practically unable to answer him]

  • Librarian B's cat has a Facebook page so she can teach the next class without "outing" herself; I friend the cat
  • Three Internet stations show up as "DOWN", even though two of them are in use...note to IT guy and the rest of the reference staff
  • Books on Windows 7, or computers in general, in Spanish [we have "general" but yeah, I need to get more computer stuff in Spanish]
  • Pay to print, and needs lots of help
  • Today's classified ads [not here, I go check to paper to be sure they've actually been pulled--they aren't with the rest of the paper, so I guess someone else is using them] ; patron says "Call me when they bring them back" [I can't tell if he's joking]
  • While checking on the paper, I notice a guy TOTALLY sacked out in a chair, head back at almost 90-degrees and snoring; he looks like he's gonna have some neck pain when he tries to move
  • Pencil sharpener is not sharpening do these things break??
  • Changing format from Word to PDF added a bunch of text...wha? [we fix it]
  • Books about disabled kids [I hand off to Librarian C and head back to my desk]

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