Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 - 3 ; 5 - 6 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: subject headings cleanup

2:20 [because once again...blah blah...repeat...]
  • Ah, that's right--half-day of school in town today...hurrah, kids everywhere
  • Look up internet password [and he goes over to canoodle with his password...uh, girlfriend...and tip sideways in the chair...gah...teenagers (lol), but the canoodling stops abruptly when her friends appear]
  • There is a park in Utah called Dead Horse Point?? That is really superbly awesome
  • Paper and pencil
  • The canoodlers are now IMing each other...yes sitting next to one another, and the dude next to them just gave me A Look...and is moving away from them
  • Phone book to look up addres [when I return after the next question, I look it up online instead]
  • The Host [it's here, shockingly enough]
  • Canoodling recommences while his webpage loads...and they continue to IM each other
  • Clouds, and Zeus and the Minotaur [for a ticcy kid who apparently wasn't excited about asking for help--thank goodness Mom dragged him over! I found stuff for him on all three subjects]
  • [phone] Where do I vote? [south-side fire station] ; uhm, yeah, how do I get there from WalMart (near her house)? [well, that's remarkably easy to explain]
  • More canoodling...as I leave the public area

5:00 in the children's room
  • "Can I use the crayons?" [which are sitting on the counter--sure]
  • Her sister (?) asks if she can use a pencil [of course] and despite there being two 'real pencils' in the cup, she looks through all the golf pencils for one that will write ; and then brings it back
  • Librarian K walks through [same time every week--I need to ask why]
  • Nightmare Before Christmas [well, it came back today, but we can't find it anywhere....oh, well, duh--if I'd look at the catalog I would see it's under TIM, not NIGHTMARE, but by now apparently the girl found it on her own. I fil dum]
  • How to use his dad's flash drive so he can save what he's going to write [all set] ; and bathroom key [which he is extremely polite about getting and bringing back]
  • Meanwhile the crayons are returned
  • A ~11-yr-old girl walks in, slowly, while her mom keeps waving her over; she doesn't notice, because she's reading as she walks [my favorite pose]
  • Books for boys--Mom says his Lexile is "like" 163 or 193 [no freakin' way--he's about 10!], and he's working his way through the HP books. She wants The List [what list?] but I find him 39 Clues and Erin Hunter and he gets the next HP, and he's set [parents are a waste of air sometimes--obviously this kid has his mom outpaced already]
  • Kid faceplants into a pillar, and barely cries
  • Woman needs help printing an attachment; all our internet stations in here are in use, so I walk her (back) to the adult stations and introduce Librarian K to the issue
  • Faceplanter needs the bathroom key [omg he is so freakin' adorable!] ; and brings it back
  • ...and we have a 'sneaker' who's trying to creep up and scare his ...uh...mom/brother/sister, quietly. Oops, his dad.  --and he wants the picture we took when he got his first card last fall, but he says we DID take it, but he means we TOOK HIS PICTURE not that HE took his picture HOME....just gotta love the English language
  • Story time leader needs a stapler...and the one at this desk is MIA after the weekend's extravaganza
  • [phone] "Did the stuff I ordered come in?" [yup]

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