Friday, March 09, 2012

2 - 3 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking catalog for changed subject headings, in the midst of which I find a that there are several typo'd S.H.s starting with 0 and 1, e.g. 0Mystery fiction, 1Dreams. I fix 'em.

  • Librarian K warns me that Related-to-Magog may be calling back; he couldn't figure out what she wanted when she called earlier....
  • [phone] 800 number for Medicare {whew} [1-800-MEDICARE, duh]
  • Pay to print
  • The Descendents, Young Adult, My Week With Marilyn [I add her to the reserve lists...well, I do an order request for Young Adult since no one has purchased it yet]
  • Pencil
  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator [nope, we don't have--though we do have all the Alien films and Predator--and he runs away before I can ask if I can ILL it for him] [thank God!]
  • Books on shrimp...turns out he wants to know if he can eat shrimp and still follow the Bible. Shrimp are NOT kosher, [and can just say that Jew FAQ is superb! Also, I doubt if this fellow knew he was asking about kosher law]
  • Extend internet time
  • Pay to print, and she thinks she knows what she's doing...but she doesn't have a bloody clue....
  • Director checks in with me--"everything ok?" [well, there are no cops in the building and I'm not dead yet, so...]
  • "Can I use the internet?" [yep, she's all set up]
  • One of our nice regular guys stops to tell me a [silly] joke -- lol
  • Scratch paper
  • Reverse directory
  • New sign next to the phone by the meeting room about it being a felony to call 911 'for fun' and that the area is under surveillance [ok, boss]
  • Renew time for the guy who called the cops...
  • OK seriously??  You want me to run a credit card for $2.50 so you can print?? No. Go get some money and come back before 6
  • [phone] Is Vampire Diaries Season 2 available for checkout yet [no--not in our catalog even]
  • Phone number for nearby library ['s not on their home page...idiots]
  • "Can I borrow the phone?" [uh, no--not unless you're bleeding or left here after closing]
  • One of our regulars stops to say she's doing research on [something--she's too quiet to hear] and thanks me for helping her "all the time" [she already has her books, though, for this time]
  • Farmer's Almanac [yes, we do have an extra copy that circs!]
  • Person with no money returns with a $20
  • Someone has requested the newest William Bennett book; since it's my section, I get to decide whether to buy it. If I choose not to, I have to call the patron and explain why. I will not buy it, but I have to explain why...lukewarm reviews and lack of money for superfluous [crap] like that at this point in the budget year?
  • The kid who wanted to use the phone just got yanked outta here by his mom
  • Reverse directory is returned
  • EVO motors for Harleys [holy shit our collection SUCKS in this area!]


  1. I wonder what would happen if you answered "Is everything OK" with something different each time? For instance: something philosophical (What does OK really mean?), something political (In this economy, how can anybody really be OK?), something overly personal (my back is killing me and I'm overdue for a BM...), something silly (MOO!); something sports-related (well, the pro football team to the north looks pretty strong this year, so that's good); something local (you'd know better than I would what would constitute 'OK' or not in this realm); and so on. It might be amusing for you...and yeah, she wouldn't get that any better than what she's getting out of the current situation.

  2. I have tried this tactic (except for the BM option); we almost always end up in conversation.

    My only ideas left are "...wha...? Huh, oh, was dozing" or "Why?!?! What have you heard???!"

    I suppose I could go with "God, I had the fixed fields! And the 041/043 always confuse me. How can I remember which is which, do you think?"


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