Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 - 10 a.m.; 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: it's a Major Friends Fundraiser Day in the library so it's pure mayhem while that is going on (10-4)

  • Totally POURING rain for the whole hour. I keep praying that the (glass) roof doesn't start leaking today of all days
  • Absolutely nothing going on in here (yet): the fish guy came to clean the tank, there are a couple of kids online, but otherwise it's just the pounding rain on the roof
  • And the mayhem is in full gear now: it is NOT quiet in the library today!! Much clapping, groaning ("SO CLOSE!"), and thudding of sports equipment
  • Werewolf/Magog Woman is here too, naturally
  • "Are there ANY catalog computers??" [when I ask if I can help somehow--he's kinda gobsmacked about all the foofaraw in the building, I think, and cranky]
  • Pay to print ; then help printing ["your parking lot is flooding, did you know?" Not a surprise]
  • "Nice haircut" [from one of our regulars]
  • Discussion of possible flooding with Librarian J
  • "I've got a question: who's gonna win the football game?" ["what football game?" ya dorky twerp] "Hah! It was a trick question. You just got punk'd!" [oooooookkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyy]
  • Printing guy stops to staple at the desk: he is printing contracts for a music festival an hour or so south of here [hmmm, wonder if it might be worth going to--he leaves before I can ask for details]
  • Workout videos...oops, no, sorry, DVDs [different area]
  • I see some kids I know; they are hoping to win the car on their next stop [they don't :-(]
  • Unstoppable [only she thought it was called "Runaway Train" so thank God a cataloger for the description which includes those words]
  • Much more crazy from Werewolf Woman, until she takes one of her kids off to do the sporting stuff
  • More people I know sporting their way past the Reference Desk...including our Mayor
  • "walk walk WALK WALK walk walk walk walk [two ~10 year olds with large, rapidly moving feet]
  • WSJ (and back in 5 minutes)
  • Haircut-noticer asks if Librarian T is working today [yes, she's somewhere] 
  • Day pass for the internet

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