Monday, June 18, 2012

1 - 1 ; 5 - 6 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: adding folders to my email for new listserves, subject cleanup, and checking requests in my collection development section.

  • Teen comes in for YA prize
  • "There's someone snoring, loudly, in the Reading Room" [where it's supposed to be silent--he goes upstairs, and the director, who has wandered past, goes and wakes up the guy]
  • Pencil
  • Former director compliments us on how good the Reference section looks [lol--that was done months ago!]
  • Job ads folder [these are emails we received from the placement center across town--they come nearly every day]
  • Fax
  • [All our internet computers are in use?! WOW! Who says the weather doesn't affect usage? It's 93 and 42% humidity outside]
  • "She (tiny girl) just got a card and she needs a PIN" [no, she needs her parent's signature--go get mom or dad to approve, in the kids room, and we'll get her going]
  • Look up card number
  • New Stephen King Dark Tower book [our copies are out, so I place a hold for her]
  • Adult prizes...?? [uhm? She volunteers to come back once I know where they are]
  • Ann Rule books [I recite from memory: 364.1523 RUL]
  • Sign up for adult program [all done online--I walk her through it, wondering as I do what MY login/pw is for it...oops]
  • Pencil returned
  • One of our VERY longtime regulars who basically never speaks to us is having a giggle-fit with another patron

  • As Librarian B leaves she says "It's been dead out here;" so I'm sure it'll be Bizarreville now... ;-)
  • How to print from Excel (she's never seen it before)
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Librarian T comes out with old Frank Sinatra multi-disc set that has sat on C.T.'s shelves for probably 2 years; we sort out what to do with it to make it work on the public shelves and she'll have it done this week [sigh--and this is the reason C.T. is now gone]
  • And someone just whispered "ssshhiiiitttttt!" at one of the computers [look, if you're going to whisper, don't use fricatives and/or the S]
  • Dude comes over for tape, rolls about 18 inches onto a golf pencil, takes another golf pencil, says thanks, and walks away [hmmm]
  • More "sshhitttt!" from over by the computers...and then giggling [I've spotted the guy, he's a regular]
  • "So, these pamphlets and maps in the travel section...if I don't bring 'em back, what happens?" [nothing, but we ask people to bring 'em back and maybe add some they picked up as well]
  • Author of a book she has checked out; she wants more by that author [Patricia J. McDonald]
  • Visitor pass guy  needs more time--he's listening to Chapter a Day on NPR [I just refresh his time for 2 more hours]
  • World atlases "with all the little towns in the world" [uhm, here's what we got, probably not EVERY little town]
  • How to brighten the monitor [I can't get it to work...grr]

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