Thursday, June 21, 2012

12 - 1 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: for a chance of pace, I grabbed the Death Dates list.

12:00 in the kids' room [subbing for a sickie today]
  • Phone rings; no one there when I answer [gonna be THAT sort of day, eh?]
  • Summer reading prizes
  • Grr, was fine in here yesterday: today I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose: stupid allergies!
  • Summer reading prizes
  • Bathroom key
  • Summer reading prizes
  • One of my son's best grade school teachers is here, so we chat
  • Key returned
  • Much wrangling over prizes between two sisters (lol) and one needs a new empty log-sheet (!!)
  • Compliment on the "Wild Things" centerpiece done by the Garden Club (it is pretty cool--I should take a pic...)
  • Same kid--bathroom key (lol)
  • Pay to print [he, an adult, calls me the Great and Powerful Oz because I tell him whoever's in here does everything] ; also a little help with printing
  • "Do you have one piece of printing paper?" [he's in a work shirt--not sure if he's working on something FOR us, or here on his lunch break]
  • Summer reading prizes
  • At some point the hey came back
  • Reading signup
  • "Where are movies?" [I 'splain where the kids and adult ones are]; "Videogames?" [no can do, mi'migo]
  • "Whew aw the childwen'th bookth?" [double whammy: no front teeth and the inability to do the R thing ; I find him the dinosaur section and he's solid for now] ; grandma arrives and says he needs 'easier' books [ok, something tells me he'd be ok with the older books, but I'm not gonna even try to argue]
  • First family of the hour for me is just leaving! ;-) [time for me to go soon too]
  • fact, my lunch "date" (i.e., son) just arrived, so buh-bye

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