Wednesday, June 20, 2012

12 - 1 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: subject cleanup (actually doing it for a change!).

12:00 in the kids' room
  • Bathroom key
  • Offer to help new patrons...turned down
  • Bathroom key back [AND he remembers to say "You're welcome" after my thanks as he scampers off: success!!]
  • New people ask for "Little Miss" books by Hargreaves [guess it was good we bought the whole damn series last year...]
  • Junie B Jones books [over here...]
  • Wonderful Son brings in my lunch and the rest of the Wii parts we need for today's game program for teens
  • Summer Reading prizes x2
  • Summer Reading signup x7 (?)
  • Comic adventures of Boots [which is actually NOT about boots, but a cat]


  1. In your library, kid books about anything other than a cat would probably be welcome! :P

  2. The situation has improved. My new annoyance--not on the kids' librarian at all--is the number of crap-fantasy books in the YA section. What happened to the good old-fashioned realistic fiction/problem novel??

  3. Norma Klein, how we miss you! I agree completely. Everything's pink and/or sparkly, supernatural, and romantic. No wonder I skipped all of (that sort of) YA as a teen!

  4. I gulped down giant numbers of YA novels, but 'in my day' they were earnest chunks of reality, not escapism pure and simple, with the added bonus of meanness, codependency and/or bullshit.

    Norma Klein, Judy Blume, Andre Norton, Robert Cormier... or motherfuckin vampires, angels, or other sparkly beings.

    Bram Stoker must be twirling.

    (Ironically, I'm reading a "fantasy" YA novel right now. No vampires, angels or anything sparkly--the characters are miles underground.)


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