Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 - 9 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: unfortunately, not paying a lot of attention to work--dealing with personal stuff.

6:00 in the children's room
  • Discussion of last week's "how many in the jar" winner/prize, where to pick up YA prizes, what to do if "someone" loses her reading log [brother and sister that are here a LOT]
  • Bathroom key
  • Prizes for kids
  • My son needs help finding calculus books to improved his D-grade from last semester
  • Return key
  • More prizes for kids
  • Narnia books (for an embarrassed adult)
  • Bathroom key
  • More prizes
  • Key returned

  • I'm so excited that we now get Publishers Weekly for reviews! How lame am I? How lame are WE that we just started??
  • And I've now read the instructions for the YA prize program, but can't find the bags of chips that are one of the choices [fingers crosses no one needs 'em]
  • DVDs about dementia/Alzheimer's [hot damn, we have a bunch!!]
  • Pay for printing
  • Lost flash drive--still lost :-(
  • Sign up for YA program
  • Pay for printing...and then stapler
  • Librarian K races back here to find the password for the security camera; apparently a cop needs to see something from earlier in the month [??]
  • Pay to print and use stapler
  • Extend time on SAM

8:00 back in the children's room
  • Tween girls being goofy
  • Same girls: "the headphones at our computer are all chewed up..." [can you use a different computer with different headphones attached? OK, so go do that!]
  • Sookie Stackhouse book #1
  • Closing


  1. I'm finding PW more hit-or-miss than the others that we use (BL & LJ). Sometimes I'll find some great stuff that's not showing up elsewhere. Sometimes EVERY review is negative. Sometimes most of the fiction items come from a publisher from whom we get 0 discount through our standard vendor (B&T doesn't, or hasn't in the past few years, discounted Severn House/Five Star mysteries or westerns). Sometimes they skew toward the bizarre (5/9 standard fiction reviews on L.Ron Hubbard books?! The last issue had a glowing review of a reissue of George R.R. Martin's 1st book, but for the low-low price of $125).

    In other words: I'm glad you're finally getting the chance to use it! I hope it meets your needs better than it often meets mine. :\

  2. True confessions: I only read the starred reviews in my sections for collection development. Ergo, I finish each PW issue in about 10 minutes. Tops. ;-)

  3. Dang, that would make it go more smoothly. I need to work out a system!

  4. Yeah. Well. I haven't read more than a couple of dozen full reviews in a decade. For work, anyway.


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