Friday, June 29, 2012

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: GUESS!!

  • Ethernet cable
  • Pay to print
  • Discussion with Librarian C about LAMBDA awards (what to purchase) and Librarian T's decision to only use half a label cover per book, which isn't going to work; I'll have to talk to her....yay
  • Reset patron card 
  • Fax
  • Current People mag [she's seen it, nevermind]
  • [phone--circ person wants to confirm that we selected this week's YA summer reading winner; I have no idea at all, and there's no note back here about it]
  • Different circ person needs a port into Millennium -- I close the serials module that's open here
  • Reverse phone directory--it's a cell #, dice sorry
  • [People are STOOOPUD about their phones today.....full-volume conversations about job ads found here for husband at home, watching videos with sound and giggling...shoot me! No, shoot THEM!]
  • Extend time online
  • Consumer Reports for cars
  • YA Summer Reading Program for two kids who've earned 7 prizes each, and a chatty mom...thank God I can pass this off to someone else and escape!


  1. Half a label cover? This reminds me that I'm having Management Issues with Clerk L. re: the appropriate use of tape, and also the need to follow my rules in terms of what is "junk" and can be discarded in this move and what is - regardless of whether she personally uses it - still worthy of being retained.

    Employees/coworkers with a mind of their own is sometimes a good thing. Other times, though, I wish they'd just shut up and DO it.

  2. Saving money by spending time does not equal savings. I wish I could write something like this on the wall in the workroom. Or maybe yours: Shut Up And DO It!


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