Monday, June 25, 2012

1 - 2 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: still working on those subject heading thingies

  • Fax
  • Friend walks past, oblivious of me till I holler at her
  • "Where do I find this?" [paper with 796.54 call number on it--and we find it]
  • "I need to make a copy, but all I have in cash is a nickel; can I take money off my print account?" [I just give her a flippin' dime, for Pete's sake!]
  • Circuit-breaker form
  • Pay to print
  • ...and after a fairly normal, calm start, all hell breaks loose when someone comes in because she has a Kindle but "can't make it work" [literally, I have now done more with her Kindle than she's been able to! Don't these things come with an instruction book??] ; there were two faxes, YA prizes, a couple of books on the shelf for people, help with SAM, the phone ringing off the hook, several small kids with one of the faxers....
  • At 1:48, it's quiet(er) again, and a girl asks for CDs for learning Romanian, which we don't have, so I find her a site online to teach the basics, and do a request-for-purchase
  • Guest pass for internet use ["we're from out of town and we need to print boarding passes"]
  • Pay to print, and some help
  • ...and I am SO out of here, even if no one is here to take my place!

4:00 in the children's room
  • Disc error on one of the games computers (the one with the missing CD-ROM drive last week--that's back, but one of the games has gone away)
  • Summer reading prizes x 3
  • Email to IT guy about games computer 
  • Voucher for summer kids drama program tickets
  • Summer reading [VERY cute boy]
  • Lost Mom Alert! [whew found her before he flipped completely out]
  • Crazy person has figured out the solution to the draft, and soldiers could then come home and live in their houses; also, where are water plants on the bookshelves [635.9674 -- she's wearing a corset over a sleeveless knit dress, and a man's fishing cap artistically folded up under the brim in the back]

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