Saturday, February 02, 2013


What I'm doing between questions:

9:00 in the children's room
  • 9:40 [phone] Tickets for tonight's rodent dance [uhm, not here, but I suggest calling the bookstore to see if they know anything...]
  • Do I have to log on to use the catalog? [nope, just look for a PC with no login screen]

10:00 in the children's room
  • Dear American books available on CD here [no--same patron as before, too]
  • How to configure a Word document: text-size and also it's going on the side of a cereal box [I show her both easy fixes]
  • ...and somehow, it started justifying the text, so I redo that for her
  • Cleaning dude needs keys for bathrooms
  • ...and how to print, but first let's fix the typos and spelling errors, yo...
  • Cleaning dude finished in the bathrooms

  • I take apart the big display case so someone can put her stuff in it
  • Lost keys [not here] and I'm very distracted by the drop of liquid on the very tip of her nose....
  • Display person is using a smaller case too, with dusty shelves, and needs a Kleenex or something to wipe them down
  • Help with microfilm reader [and I can't figure it out either, so I'm leaving a note for Librarian M to give me a re-tutoring, or call the repair people]
  • ...werewolf children are here...don't see mom, but definitely smell them (mildew--ugh)

  • A-ha! Werewolf is here, needing books on castles in England and a photo of Lancaster Castle [although what she really wants is something about the Standish family, and/or William the Conqueror]
  • *Tax forms? [what we have is out] "Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party" on DVD [we don't own--perhaps we should buy--I do a request slip for it]
  • Pay to print
  • Help putting top back on display case
  • Can't log in, says I'm blocked--I cave in and let him log in, since I'm the one that left the note about checking ID
  • Help with resume creation...just as Librarian T comes out to ask me something, so she happily volunteers to work with this woman on her (adult) son's resume [ahem]
  • Help logging in to's about to implode out of frustration with the captcha thingy [but it's really about the fact that a) he's supposed to use a character (@, *, %, etc.) in his password, and b) he's already got an account with them]
  • Help with APA bibliography
* I kept a separate log of how many times I saw people looking for/at the tax forms, and by 1:00 I was into double digits...

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