Friday, April 30, 2004

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: 1) moving kids' bios. of Lincoln, Washington and MLKing out of 921 and into [so-called] proper numbers, and 2) barcoding new books.

* "Why can't we email the government from here?!" [you can, but you have to use a free email account] "So I have to go back to Yahoo?" [yep] groan/sigh
* Shifty pair of teens arrive. Y'know, if you stop checking to see if I'm watching you, I'm less likely to know that I should be watching you. Dolts [why aren't they in school? I guess looking for pictures of tattoos is more important...]
* Circ person looking for patron from H--she left her card case at the computer
* Hotmail redesign has patron confused
* A different circ person, this time looking for last Wednesday'sChicago Sun-Times
* [phone] Overcoming Overspending and HeartMath Solution; we don't own either so they are ILL'd for her
* Word proc

[v. quiet from 1:30 - 2--the calm before the storm?]

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