Friday, April 16, 2004

1 - 2 [redux]

* Just sit down to use the Internet if you've already signed up
* Internet "just blew up and rebooted" and now he can't log on because SAM thinks he's still online; I fix his record in SAM and away he goes again
* All in-house database use grinds to a halt; we're frozen
* I kick people off computers (they are staring at the screens, waiting), and find our PC Tech, "Sleek" [don't ask]
* Oooh, Mom Librarian is here with her sleeping baby (hmm, she arrived just as the computers all froze...)
* People try to log on computers that are OFF. D'oh
* Any idea when we'll be back up? [anytime from 2 minutes to tomorrow sometime] Is someone working on it?? [I want to kick him--"YES!"]
* "Soon," says Sleek
[The entire adult non-fiction/Reference area has about 5 people in it right now. Yes, school has not let out--TG for small favors--and yes it is a gorgeous day, but ... 5?!]
* I clean computer monitors
* We're up again (25 minutes)
* Books on ebay
* Internet password

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