Friday, April 16, 2004

11 - 12 noon

* World Book question (how to use the Study Aids at the end of the articles)
* Word proc
* "Red Scare" of the 1920s (NOT McCarthyism, as Librarian J keeps asking)
* Tax forms (??)
* World Book guy can't spell "kamikaze"--it must be Friday. He's having a terrible time
* Chall#ng#r C#nt#r director Internet signup
* Word proc guy's cell phone works! (he was here trying to figure it out on Wednesday)
* ILL person doesn't know what to do about notice from LoC
* "The computer's done something wild and crazy" [right justified--pretty wild]
* [phone] Test proctoring; she'll be in this afternoon
* Weekly local newspaper
* Paper & pencil
* Local paper lady gives it back and thanks me
* Big-City cardholder Internet signup

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