Friday, April 30, 2004

11 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: 1) preparing to shift World Book, New Book of Science and New Book of Knowledge as our current eds. have arrived...some to the kids' section, some to adult circ... It's mildly confusing. 2) moving kids' bios. of Lincoln, Washington and MLKing out of 921 and into proper numbers.

* Word proc
* ...times 2
* Someone walked into one of the staff offices last night and swiped our 'hidden' copy of the local paper--I get to hear another version of the tale
* Printer payment [striking turquoise ring]
* Patron request for Investor's Business Daily; Periodicals librarian says we will be getting it starting this summer. A happy patron!
* Marker (and he even brings it back!)
* Books/DVDs on Mt. Everest [we have loads of books, no DVDs, but he's happy]
[Director points out a Dewey bio option of keeping bios in 920 and adding their field after the decimal point. I'm so glad she doesn't really expect me to do this. Is Dewey headed in this direction? God help everyone who has been moving them to the subject fields, i.e. MLKing to the 323s. Will we have to move him to 920.323 next?!]
* Dandelion Wine. On tape/CD

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