Friday, April 02, 2004

1 - 2 p.m.

* Big box of factory-reject chocolate arrives in workroom; everyone leaps on it
* One of my least favorite patrons, Crazy Airport Man, is back after a year's absence; what have I done to deserve this? He needs another printout of what he already has in his hand, dated August '02. I print it just to get him outta here. Thank God for the Internet!! [He used to come in and ask for all the mayors in the 25 or so communities surrounding our nearest major airport--imagine finding current names, addresses and phones for this, about every 10 months...]
* Word proc guy can't figure out how to put floppy in drive
* No Social Skills patron: "Hel-lo"
* Word proc signup; I notice that the other two are also in use and fill write in approx times
* Word proc guy thanks me: "Couldn't have done it without you!"
* Girl wants to know if card is expired, then tells me she's moved out of town, then asks about rural card choices, then wonders why people can't be online "every other hour"
* Same Girl with friends, all trying to use one terminal and behaving like puppies; I tell them one person per terminal [woman next to them smiles at me thankfully--she very nearly got kicked]
* Librarian T is trying to figure out why she needed to "fill in" today [there are no gaps on the schedule]
* Tax forms
* This year's issues of "Chicago" magazine; the box isn't there [yes it is; he's having a Friday moment]
* Word proc signup
* "Did you need some help?" No
* Same Girl [see above] asks about using typewriter. [yes, it's free, but you need to bring your own paper] I suggest she read a book if she's killing time. She rolls her eyes and goes to a catalog station. [because anything, even catalog searching, is better than reading, I guess]
* Librarian T goes home; not needed after all
* Where's my relief??

Meanwhile, are the books on these lists missing, lost, or what? Hmm, I try to figure it out.

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