Thursday, April 15, 2004

1 - 2

* [Covering for A again; this is the longest bout of food poisoning I've ever heard of!]
* [phone] Bergey's manual of determinative bacteriology -- we don't have it, she needs it quick for the end of the semester, she has no card...
* [phone] Easy to Remember -- we don't have it but I ILL'ed it for her
[wow two book requests in a row!]
* Why are summer camp books in the 796s? [oh jeez, I dunno--cuz Dewey says?]
* Paper for printer
* Can I throw this away? and How to get a card
* Can I copy the cemetery directory? and How to use copier
* Continuations-cataloging questions from tech
* Pay for prints
* More weird cataloging s--t (good thing people check up on me!)
* "Can I help you?" [no, he just walks slow, but he's nice about saying no at least]
* Same man needs tax forms [walks slow + blind]
* Yet another tech question. This time we need barcodes

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