Friday, April 02, 2004

J Desk, 4 - 5 p.m.

* Someone returns headphones (at least they are sitting on top of the keyboard when I arrive)
* [phone] Family member checking on when I leave today
* Compliment on our educational computer games vs. library in city of M.
* Techie V comes up with several complicated questions. Now my brain hurts. She also wants to find The Tale of Desperaux [placed a hold for her]
* "Do we have today's paper?" asks complimentary mom [Yes, in the reading room]
* Brazen dad takes kids into story room to see the fish better. He then leaves them in there so he can take a picture from the outside. With his cell phone [What a dork]
* Dork's kids are now taking all the storytime supplies out of cupboards and boxes [I just heard the circ desk people 'remind' him that his kids need supervision]
* He now bustles up and asks me, "So what is all this? Do we need to sign up? What are these kids doing?" etc etc. Five questions in 4 seconds. "Do we have any Veggie-Tales videos?" [Obviously not a parent who has heard of books. I try to patiently answer all his questions, once I figure out what he really wants, but boy I'm cranky--I need to go home before I say any of the stuff I'm thinking!]
* ...but his kids are pretty cute...
[new patrons. thank goodness]
* Nope, there really isn't any place around here to see the Easter Bunny "in person"
* Check out at the front desk
* Dork family is back [but I'm leaving!]

Meanwhile, there is a new Demand order to work on.

I am so ready to go home.

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