Tuesday, April 13, 2004

3 - whenever relief gets here... [which would be 4, not 3:30 as I was expecting]

* Direct Assistance for homeless contact info.
* Together in Exile and Poor Ignorant Children by Peter Murphy [we own neither]
* Family member needs help with homework
* [phone] Librarian M wonders if we are using BTonline at the Ref. Desk [nope]
* To Love a Child [not on shelf, hasn't circed in 2+ years, can't ILL because she has rural card...what a mess, poor woman]
* Tax forms. Yes; people really are that blind, I guess
* "County X's city plan." [??] She thinks she wants the county plan documents, but also takes the city ones to peruse
* IRS Form 1098 [sorry sir, no coupon-y forms; YOU get to call them...woo hoo]
* Local phone book and can he use a study room to make a phone call [wow--a polite cell phone user]
* [There are some very cool neck/shoulder tension release websites, but none of the stretches are working for me today; neither did the 3 ibuprofen + 3 Tylenol I took this morning]
* "What's the newest Guinness Book of Records we can check out?" [2002]
* "Midsummer's Dreams Nights..." By Bill [He knew the name, just got tangled up in his words]
* Need paper in printer
* Word proc
* Word proc
* Techie V can't remember a trick I showed her for using the cataloging program
* "Who do I write about the sidewalks in town?"
* Need paper in printer
* Pay for print jobs
* [phone] Left Behind. The first book. Not the comic book which library in town of H says is all that exists. She's been on hold almost 6 minutes!! And was still nice when I finally got there!
* Word proc
[AHA! Relief, and assistance, has arrived!! YAY]
* Print payment, plus needs a floppy
* "Why did my map print weird?" [because the site is psycho]
* Print-and-floppy guy needs to know where Brit History is
* I clear kids from lower level hoping to stop potential goofing off [we've had reports from the schools that we are the best place for....erm, much 'non-library' activity]
* Need paper in printer

Get me outta here!

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