Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tuesday 11-12 noon

(It was too busy to do this "live.")

* About 30 members of 8th grade class from one middle school arrives, as they will be all day, to work on their research papers (about 30 minutes each)
* Print job payment, times two
* Can't find book to match call number on steroid abuse...well, he didn't write down the whole thing. I find one anyway
* Anything on Animal Welfare
* Of course: family member arrives to harrass me
* Internet signup
* Anything on Community Service
* Girl with a Pearl Earring--was that a book before it was a movie? [Yes] Do you have it? [Yes, but it's checked out] She dithers
* Pen
* Net signup
* Pen
* Librarian T fills me in on gossip re this 8th grade thing, in between fielding multiple, forgotten questions from them

Most outstanding moment: I realize the seam between the two parts of the reference desk counter has come unglued. Like the librarians themselves.

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