Wednesday, April 21, 2004

9 - 10:30

What I'm doing between questions: Updating the "Where Can I Find...?" brochure

* [phone] usual wake-up call from family member...
* Art. Well, ok actually pottery
* Some SAM confusion combined with language confusion. Resolved amicably -- didn't undertand that PIN and Password mean the same thing. Plus, you have to take Caps Lock off...
* [phone] 100 Years of Solitude (our copies are checked out--reserve for her)
* [phone] Reserve Job PC for tomorrow
* Word proc
* We have a hamster and a guinea pig visiting for story time.
* Some guy has found a game site on the 'net that we have not blocked. I play with SAM enough to find that he owes for print jobs. So I block his card. heh heh
* Patron asks if new books are "around the corner." [Yep] I tell her she can reserve anything she doesn't see on the shelf and she happily goes to get a library card so we can do that. [hurrah a happy person]
* Big City patron looking for Lord of the Flies on CD or tape [it's not on Amazon, sorry]. Our copy is on hold for another person, and no one else owns it except in print format

I'm off to the chiropractor.

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