Friday, April 02, 2004

3 - 4 p.m.

* Books on drumming
* Reset time on internet? [I'm too tired to argue: SURE]
* Where is the person I'm supposed to be working here with??
* Director reminds me that we need to work on Friends Scavenger Hunt next week; we are the only ones who will know the answers...
* Aha--there's my co-desk person (at 3:13)
* Group of 5 teenage girls, one of whom needs more books on the atomic bomb; they are all noisy, except the actual person I'm helping
* "Do you have my slushies? I left them here an hour ago." [Yes. And yes they are DQ slushies. At the library. What the %^*$?]
* Books on PCs; turns out they can't figure out how to open their email on their new computer at home. They are not young people. And they are clueless. [I suggest they sign up for our Internet class; they agree]
* I find new baby pictures from New Mom Librarian in Ofoto
* Easy Spanish books [she really needs books on learning Spanish]
* [phone] Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, by Michael Ghiglieri [YES! It's on the shelf, here!]
* Word proc but also needs to use Internet; oh and more time please? [sure, why not?]
* We've lost our paging list page for the day; she's probably not here, what with Spring Break and all
* Internet signup
* The director finds reserves on unordered books from 2002 in the disaster that is the Order Drawer. [oops] Moral and ethical quandary: call patrons and admit we goofed? Ignore the reserves and quietly toss them? Hmmm--WWDD?

Meanwhile, I am schlepping through the box of Weird Cataloging Junk that has accrued over the last month.
Final count for today: one item no longer in system, two items "on the fly," one item on Reserve (for close to 18 months??) to be moved back to circ, one picture book that should be elementary non-fiction, one kids' bio of Robt. Kennedy that needs to be moved to history from 921, and two missing barcodes.

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