Wednesday, April 28, 2004

9 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: catching up yesterday's entry. Trying to find a decent book to read for myself. Doing my self-evalation, prior to having my boss evaluate me and (I hope) give me a raise. Digging out old "need to fix" projects from earlier this year to see how they are faring. Sorting 'fly box' items and labeling them so I know what each stack is for.

* Online info re opposition to gun control. For her son. Grrr
* Jobs PC signup / forgot her card / "Do you have a blue ink pen?" [no]
* Internet signup
* Someone tries to use the phone jacks in the study rooms to plug his laptop in and get online. I guess they never were enabled. Hmm, since I'm the only librarian here, there's no one to ask about this. He has to go home to work
* Change card number in SAM
* The Way to Eat [we don't own; I ILL it for him] He also mentions the "Tax Forms" sign: "Weren't we supposed to pay taxes a month ago??" Smart-mouth.
* [I mention the broken ref desktop to the custodian. He starts fixes it temporarily and says he'll get some more brackets. There is a giant crack between the sections now.]
* Librarian T arrives because the 8th graders are returning today at about 10:45
* Guest Internet user signup
* Paper clip
* Difference between summary view and detail view on a job exploration site
[The kids have arrived. Quietly. Really!]
* Needs specific book on Autoimmune Diseases; it's in the New Books area, not regular nonfiction
[Conference with director re consortial director's meeting today]
* How does copier work?
[Next batch of kids arrive]
* [phone] Summer of My German Soldier for high school teacher
[We also have a class of younger parochial school kids here now]
* Books on pregnancy and childbirth in Spanish. And some for dads too
[More questions from director re today's meeting]
* How to cite an article in an encyclopedia for bibliography
* Reminder from circ person that the kids need ID with address to get library cards [duh]
* Patron R is here. We chat; I show him New Mom Librarian's latest online photo album
* Little boy writes over Patron R's document. Luckily, boy doesn't click on save! Good thing R likes kids, too
* Change barcode for SAM use
[I wipe down phones and keyboards with Clorox wipes so Librarian J doesn't get sick from my germs....sigh]
* Martindale-Hubbell Directory of attorneys; ours is the 1997 ed. so he chooses to use phone books and cross-reference back to MHD

Coughs: every 10-15 minutes
Lost voice: every 20-30 minutes, briefly

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