Tuesday, April 13, 2004

11 - 12 noon

* I show Rotten Tomatoes to Librarian F, Movie Buff
* Guy stands here using scratch paper to copy an entire letter out of a magazine by hand
* Changed card number (so she can get on Internet) to new one
* Register for internet use
* And she wants to know how to access the blue book for cars online
* Supreme Court case decision on non-biological parental child support requirements; she can't remember the year or the case number/name, but she has the article. At home
* Look up card number for internet use. No ID=nope
* Patron R is here
* How can I check my criminal record online? For free. hah
* What are the websites to file state and federal taxes?
* My relief person is sick! Who is up next? The drama unfolds as my stomach growls
* Tax forms (are people blind??)
* Librarian F brings me more cr#*& to catalog
* Librarian M will cover this hour so I can eat YAY

Meanwhile, barcoding new books...

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