Monday, July 02, 2012

12 - 2 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: the plan was to work on end-of-month stats, etc., but it was literally non-stop the whole time.

  • Yesterday's local classified ads [where are today's??]
  • Librarian K goes to lunch saying that this morning's the busiest he's ever seen it in the time he's worked here [great]
  • He also leaves me with a guy who's trying to download Adobe on Android to access MyMediaMall...and is stuck precisely where I got stuck with my Nook months ago (and gave up at that point) [he's going home to see if he can figure it out from here--good luck]
  • I'm called into the kids' room to try to figure out why SAM said something was going to cost $38, but only printed 312 pages, leaving her with 70ish unaccounted for pages, and $7 left on her account [I have no idea unless she miscounted, or something]
  • Media reader [find it and take her ID in return]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Wall Street Journal...which I can't find [WTF?!]
  • Woman with three books she wants to reserve [we forgot to update her expiration date, so she wasn't able to do it from home]; and encyclopedias [I let her know where everything is, and reserve her books]
  • Renew time online
  • Yeeps, Kindle help [I'm not really helpful, but...]
  • YA summer reading [...she is, so she helps and gets us both sorted on what needs to happen]
  • YA summer reading, and her mom has adult review to add to our Adult Summer Program [no clue if I'm supposed to enter these into the webpage, or how]

  • Suddenly, today's classifieds appear [??]
  • [phone] Yearbook with pictures of the kids who died yesterday morning for Big City news outlet [uhm, yeah...sigh]
  • [ clue what happened in here, but it was hectic]
  • Help finding Carmen I.... in [nearby village] [well, it seems she doesn't have a phone in her name--really, lots of people don't....yes, really, despite your eyeroll and religious prohibition against credit cards, it's true--and yes the age of majority is 18 here, and most everywhere except MS and AB ["where it's 14 ha ha ha"--nice. I tell her I have friends there, and she replies, "I'm just telling the truth!"--no, actually it's HIGHER in those states, beeyotch]
  • Fax
  • I go get most recent yearbook
  • [phone] Sargasso Sea [can I print someone on it? Sure]
  • Fax
  • Media arrives for photo opp [ahem, yearbooks]
  • I retrieve Sargasso Sea article for patron and bring old reference material that needs to be deleted back to Tech Svc
  • Reset patron logs for our regular porn viewer [who's actually not a pain, except for that one issue]
  • Local history [upstairs]
  • [phone] Blah blah ... Nick from "hot hanks" ?? about computer verification...? [I transfer him to the director's vm--she's supposed to be here, but no one has seen her...]
  • [phone] Local history tours for out of state groups [I reel off a list of names and emails of people on staff who do them]

4:00  The fun continues....
  • Fax
  • More reviews for the Adult Reading Program
  • Why can't outside-of-system cardholder place holds? [not sure: his card is in our database, and he's trying to reserve OUR books, so...yeah, no idea]
  • [phone] Freakin' My Media Mall [if you forget or don't have a password, how the HELL are you supposed to get started??]
  • Place two holds before...
  • ...yet another [phone] about My Media Mall that I can't help with.... Grrrrr
  • Revolutionary War records [you were JUST in Ancestry over there and didn't check then?? Next time? OK]
  • Dude brings in a Bible published in the 1760s and wants help preserving it and extracting the information and sending it...somewhere [I find the state preservation group and suggest he contact them]
  • Directions to doctor's office next town over for Rose
  • I quickly race through placing the last of the 6 holds left here today. Yes, 49 minutes to place 6 holds. Crazy.

  • And we just figured out that Librarian K went to dinner at the wrong time [as in now instead of at 4], so I'm out here for another hour till he returns]
  • Positive thinking books [I show her]
  • DAR meeting here? [yes, eventually, I find it in the meeting room book...]
  • Positive thinking woman is back, looking for quotations [and off we go to the 800s]
  • Printer isn't working [needs paper, all better now]
  • I'm seriously irritated, by the way...there's no way it should take me two workdays to do end-of-month stuff, but I am only about 2/3 done. At best.
  • Pay to print
  • Fax
  • Renew time on internet

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