Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 - 11 a.m. ; 2 - 3 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: continuing cleanup of new LCSH changes, and being very quiet about the fact that our public internet--scheduled to be down all morning--is already back up.

10:00 in the children's room
  • Bathroom keys for cleaning dude
  • Construction paper? [no, ladies, you need to bring your own] OK, then how about scissors? [sigh, yes...folks, if you're doing a project, bring your bloody supplies with you]
  • Keys are back
  • What is with the tats on the moms? Another mom today, wearing a sundress, with back and arms fully covered.  I am so old!!
  • Librarian M: "If you see anymore signs about the internet being down, can you get rid of them?" [boo, oh, all right]
  • Bathroom key & ... and back
  • [phone] "Can I get a fax there from the Federal blah blah blah...?" [no, we don't accept faxes]
  • Hannah Montana movie? [check out, and mom looks relieved: "no don't order it, maybe she'll forget!]
  • Cop walks thru...??
  • "I don wanna take a nap...I don wanna take a nap..." [mom finally removes him for his nap]
  • Pay to print

  • "Can we print from our personal laptops?" [not yet...sigh]
  • VERY cranky woman who wants a receipt for her printing is very cranky about printing...
  • Temporary net access
  • "Can I use the net?" [sure, she's in SAM so...go nuts!]
  • Librarian B brings me a request slip: "Can we get the English version this time instead of Polish?" [did I do that?? oh, phew, no thank God...and I redo the ILL for the ENGLISH]
  • Local weekly paper is returned
  • Pay to print [dude, you are SO not a "Tina" lol--I've already helped them, so I knew he's doing the printing while Tina does the surfing]
  • Receipt lady returns for her final receipt and is slightly less cranky...she totally reminds me of my oldest sister!
  • Scratch paper
  • Mr. Ick and son are here, late because of our internet outage (ick)
  • Pay to print
  • Headphones [for the guy at the computer where I cut off the ones the other night]
  • YA summer reading [with a 3-year-old sister in tow who is quite chatty and rather incomprehensible]
  • Pencil & request slips
  • [phone] Reserves for 14 James Bond movies [I'm going to do about 5 a day so they don't all show up at once]
  • Paper and "real" pencils
  • Documentaries on Illuminati [not here, but I found one elsewhere for him]

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