Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 - 7 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: placing holds for items ordered earlier today.

  • I'm late arriving because once again the director is making people i n s a n e [I'm not sure why, but she's been leaving me alone so far this week--I'm sure I'll be getting my share tomorrow or Thursday, though; she's nothing if not predictable]
  • Bathroom key
  • Basic lesson in pencil-sharpening for an adorable little girl
  • Key back
  • Crayons
  • [phone] "Adult Resources, please" [I transfer him to the other desk]
  • WHY is Millennium so bloody slow today??
  • Summer Reading Program signup--now that we're less than two weeks from the end...
  • [phone] "Hi, this is [regular patron]. What is on the hold shelf for me? I was there, so I want to make sure the message came after I picked stuff up today." [I know her, so I go ahead and tell her what two DVDs arrived...]
  • Kids books on central Asia [yup, we gots]
  • YA recommendations [which kills 10 minutes, lol]
  • Pay to print
  • YA girl has at least a dozen books in her arms [YOU GO GIRL!]
  • Summer reading prizes
  • Barnyard DVD [I place hold for it--we don't own]

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