Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 - 9 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:

  • Well this should be interesting: I haven't worked a "close" in a really long time, nor have I worked as the only Ref staff in the building for three full hours in an even longer time
  • ...and someone has made off with our public-use tape dispenser [why am I the one who notices this stuff??]
  • Stories about magic for a 9-year-old girl who is brought out her by the page who is working in the kids room, because [see above]
  • Three reserves for books by Lora Leigh [we own about 2/3 of the series, but not these]
  • Dude walks in, concert T and 70s hair, yelling into his cell....dude, really? [and heads right for the "Quiet" Reading Room...]
  • Pay to print
  • "I've done another review for the adult program" [wants the 25 free cents...to put on her print account]
  • Pay to print (the first pair of kids)
  • Fan for meeting room [a/c can't keep up with the body heat of 75 people]
  • YA summer reading prizes
  • Forgotten password [dude is built like a really short sumo wrestler]

  • Done with the requests that were left by my predecessor. ahem
  • Can't remember password [dude it's your FIRST NAME! ...which is Hamlet, so I'm all over giggling--he's definitely not Danish, unless Denmark and south Asia have some hidden connection; even he's laughing at himself]
  • Consumer Reports used cars
  • Sumo wrestler needs help spelling a couple of words for his dating profile... [we are pretty full service]
  • Someone is going deaf listening to really loud music down on one of the computers by the reading room
  • Pay to print

  • Poor young guy is having one of those nights--I refund a bunch of his money because he's practically in tears because the printer cut off the edge of 20 copies something for work and "they're a little anal about that"
  • Order new O.Scott Card book [because patron just requested we ILL it for her]
  • I've been doing walk-arounds all evening to make sure I'm not chasing myself all over at the end....printer paper is replenished, pencils and scratch paper also, I have a pretty good feel for who's still in the building and where I need to check before we close, I untied and toss the headphones I found that are dead...
  • Garage door purchasing [nothing in Consumer Reports or our online databases, so I tell her what I know, which ain't much]
  • YA reading prizes
  • Card expired [I make it work for today]
  • Pay to print
  • Renew time
  • Closing announcement over the makeshift PA system
  • Very excitable group of teens here for their prizes and asking questions about next summer's program, and everything else [too funny]
  • "Will the 'net really be down till 2 on Thursday?" [probably not, but that's the drop-dead time]
  • Basement is clear
  • Another question about Thursday's internet shutdown [no we're open, but no internet]
  • I'm logging off so I can shut this puppy down.

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