Thursday, July 05, 2012

10 a.m. - 12 p.m. ; 2 - 3 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: catching up on Autocat posts, and other RSS feeds

  • Summer reading prizes
  • ...times two
  • Child signup for internet access
  • ...and we're out of passes for the Fair, but still advertising we have 'em...grrr
  • Woman who used to babysit for us when she was a teen is here with her 'baby' is 19!
  • Older couple walks in saying how wonderful the space for kids is [yes, it is]
  • Summer reading project turn-in (I-Spy poster)
  • [1/2 hour of {{crickets}}]

  • Summer reading prizes
  • ...times two three
  • Nope, babysitters can't give permission to use internet--gotta be a parent
  • [I pull down First Library Card pix from May to make room for July kids]
  • Gotta just say that the common accent for locals, especially local women, is really GRATING to listen to for very long...
  • [another 1/2 hour of {{crickets}}]

  • Someone's using Darth Vader's theme as their phone's ring tone...luckily, it's fairly quiet, but still making me snicker (inside)
  • Rather creepy-looking woman (man?? honestly can't tell for sure, but long hair around here on a person of that vintage usually means female) is peering around at all the computers across the carrels from the one she's using, looking for...what?
  • LD high school kid apparently talks too loud for our homeless patrons, and since he wants a WWE DVD...I order it 
  • Zip code look-up
  • Help Creepy-Looking Woman (yes she is female) with printing
  • Fax, using a credit card to pay, which I don't know how to do [and I fax it to the wrong number...holy shit, I'm an airhead]
  • Local weekly paper
  • Local, current, plat map
  • Key for microfilm printer
  • Two request slips from circ desk...or email...or something...are brought back from ILL person
  • Another credit card payment, for printing, from a person I also had to enter into SAM from another library
  • Pay to print (with a check)
  • At some point the local paper is back
  • Help with email [Not-So-Smart dude signed up for something online that he thought would enable him to search for others, but it's just a credit-check site--oops]


  1. ...reminding me again that I'm grateful that we don't take credit cards.

  2. It's not hard, just kinda putzy cuz we don't use a card-reader--have to type in all the numbers...and the login and double password every time


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